Our Instructors go through a very extensive selection process to insure we have only the best and most talented instructors around.

When they are selected, they are put through an intense and rigorous series of training to guarantee the highest quality of instruction. Once certified, our instructors are required to continue Krav Maga training and Instructor education yearly.

This ongoing training allows our Instructors to stay up to date on the latest and most effective self protection techniques, teaching methods, nutrition and exercise science. This process is our assurance that every Test student will continue to receive only the very best in self-defense training

Pat Carty, Owner/Head Instructor

Pat is a black belt Instructor under 7th Dan Sam Sade of Alpha Krav Maga International. He also holds a student black belt from 3rd Dan Dennis Amato of Alpha Krav Maga Boston .

Pat has almost twenty years of experience in Krav Maga and is a retired Police Commander logging almost 30 years.

Pat has trained hundreds of men, women, children, and members of the military and law enforcement. He has also trained those with disabilities and those suffering from severe trauma.

During his career, Pat spent over 20 years patrolling the streets, spent time as a detective and canine handler, and received over 50 awards and commendations. The last several years of his career was spent building an award-winning community policing program. He also was part of a team that won two national police Fitness championships.

In his free time he enjoys all Boston sports, lifting weights, but mostly spending time and raising his young son and daughter.