The best Krav Maga training right here in Hyannis!

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Experience the power and effectiveness of real Krav Maga!

During this time, we’ll help you feel welcome, provide a quick gym tour, then sit down and talk about next steps. If you choose, we will have you participate in one of our fun, high energy, Alpha Krav Maga classes. 

Alpha Krav Maga Cape Cod pricing

Kids and Adult Krav Maga

Monthly- $140 with recurring billing ($150 monthly without auto-pay)

3 Months- $395 with recurring billing (regular $420)

6 months- $749 with recurring billing(regular $840)

1 year- $1340 with recurring billing (regular $1680) ** includes free uniform

*There is a one time sign-up fee of $125 which includes uniform and gloves. This fee must be paid even if you have your own gloves.

** Call or email for multiple family member discounts and pricing on private lessons

Ask about our belt packages for huge discounts and free equipment!
  • Kids Krav Maga
  • Adult Krav Maga- Includes sparring and ground survival


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